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Jacksonville, Fl 

Wegi Working on a few tracks and trying a different studio in Jacksonville, Fl prior to leaving to Atlanta to meet with his business partners and producers for his upcoming projects in near future. 

Preparation For 2023

One week before the new year of 2023 "FGM" gets back into the studio to work on a couple collaboration tracks, With Wegi, Emac and Db Da Boss they finish four tracks that night. Thanks to Vanessa Turner she was able to capture insight of the record label plans for 2023. Also celebrating the birthday of "Wegi" the night turned out a success. 

FGM Private Studio Session

12/3/2022 Off to a great start working with new artist "E-Mac" FGM newest artist. Wegi and his team takes the studio by storm with new record "Peppermint". It's always a movie when FGM is in the building🔥

The Anchor To FGM

June of 2017 the day we decided to make the label bigger than what it already was. putting out "Wegi" very first project "Proven Wrong" quickly receiving positive feedback from the album. we dedicated our live to the studio. 


August of 2017 Connecting the dots, working with some childhood friends. We are all in good spirt loving what we do which creating. The song in the video is "Top Dawg" featuring "Skoot Da Don" which changed his name from "Bandman Skoot". But the work doesn't stop here we later put the record out with its own video across digital platforms.

Studio To The Court

We exercise balance through several mediums, rather its going to the court, hanging out, partying, kickbacks, lounges etc.. we find balance giving back to our communities of metro Atlanta. 


One of our key fundamentals to longevity is networking, we express our work through friends, family and fans what we like to call the "The Three F's"  staying connected will always keep you ahead of the game. 

The Backyard In Kirkwood 

Posted in a very known well hiphop area of Atlanta,Ga Kirkwood acts such as Future, Young Scooter and many more pirated from this area. so Kirkwood is a landmark to inspiring artist coming from the area. 

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